Association Programs



1.  Program of sponsoring the sick child with cancer (the needy)

The association have found the need of some families for appropriate support to the family’s social condition. Therefore, Sanad Charitable Association has established the program of sponsoring sick child with cancer “the needy” and that starting from 1/3/2008G. where the child is ensured socially starting from the beginning of his treatment and till his recovery with Allah willing, and also support him and his family financially. Sponsorship was divided into two types:

A.    Private Sponsorship: the sponsor allocates the sponsorship amount to certain (child/children) whom he chooses based upon their social condition.

B.     Public Sponsorship: The sponsor provides the sponsorship amount without specifying certain children and their selection is based on a study of social research.


2.      Sanad Educational Program

Believing from Sanad Charitable Association and caring not to neglect the educational aspect for sick children with cancer, it had established “Sanad Educational Program” since 2005 G. and that to help sick children with cancer who are hypnotic and cut off from studying during their stay in the hospital to align with their colleagues in educational achievement.


3.      Sanad Voluntary Program

Based on the principle of social responsibility towards our dear society, the association encourages the engagement of school and universities female and male students and working sectors to contribute in the social/ charitable work that aims in its context to:

          Achieve goals of the association to support sick children with cancer.

          Activate the concept of voluntary work in the society.

Some of the most important voluntary programs in the association are:

          Entertainment programs with children inside the hospitals that are organized by the association and are subject to its supervision and evaluation.

          Volunteering in make visits to the children and entertain them and give them gifts, and contribute in children parties held under sponsorship of the association and financial and in-kind volunteering and many other voluntary works.

·         The association had participated with a worksheet in the second Saudi Conference of voluntarism and which is held in 12 – 14 March 2007 with the attendance of a group from the association’s volunteers.


4.   Treatment Program of a Resident Child (non-Saudi)

Since some sick children with cancer and resident in the Kingdom from non-Saudis faces some financial difficulties during the treatment period, it is the responsibility of the association to pay full costs of treatment to some of those children until their recovery, and that by business centers in the governmental hospitals.



5.      Program “ a Game draws a Smile”

Sanad Charitable Association seeks in any way possible to raise morale of patient children during their chemotherapy and tries to alleviate the pain and fear that affects these children during and after their dose where it provides them with gifts and games to distract their attention.


6. Program “ Achieving a Wish”

The association seeks to achieve wishes of hypnotic children as such wishes have a great effect in raising morale of the child and alleviating the disease, and these wishes may be simple and easy to achieve (mobile, wig, different video games and others), which help them – also – to communicate with their families and beloved ones while they are on the white bed.


7. Inpatient Support Program

In case of ending or delaying the issuance of treatment order for some cases of non-Saudi patients and which their cases require continuous treatment in tumors section in the hospital, the association will pay costs of admittance and treatment in this period and until the issuance of treatment order.


8.  Moral Support Program

The program aims to provide support for child parents and stand on difficulties and psychological pressures and help them in expressing and adapting with these and benefit from experiences of the other families whom their children have faced before the same health condition.


9.  Sanad Entertainment Program

Sanad Charitable Association organizes entertainment activities for sick children admitted in the hospital in feasts and various occasions, where gifts and games are given to them, also the association share with children and  their families the joy of finishing the chemotherapy and that by organizing parties that make them happy and joyful.



10.  Program “Sanabel Sanad”

To achieve solidarity and communication between healthy and patient children with cancer and identifying their needs and create an ideal environment that make those patients away from isolation, the idea of program “Sanabel Sanad” has emerged. The program is seven Sanabels for each of them a certain goal that serves sick children with cancer in a certain aspect of their lives.


11.  Program of International Day for Sick Child with Cancer

Sanad Charitable Association activates the international day for sick child with cancer during February from each year and that by establishing awareness, educational and entertainment activities in the association’s headquarters, local places and Kingdom hospitals for hypnotic children in tumors section and visitors in outpatient.






12.   “ My Party” Program

In this program, the healthy children shall organize their special success parties and write a comment on the invitation card that they will donate the value of their given gift from their families and relatives to their friends from sick children and the donors get an appreciation certificate for that and they are given souvenirs from the association.


13.  Grant Program for Scientific Research

Believing from Sanad Charitable Association with the importance of research as part from its goals to serve sick children with cancer in the Kingdom, the association has launched the grant program for scientific research that are directly related to cancer diseases in children.


14. Program of “Princess Adelah Bint Abdullah Scientific and Human Award in Children Cancer”

This award was established from her Highness Princess Adelah Bint Abdullah Bin Abdul-Aziz – Allah bless her – in belief of importance and necessity of supporting and encouraging the scientific production related to research of children cancer from the scientific part. The award is divided into three branches:

A.    Scientific and includes:

1.      Scientific research

2.      Medical programs

B.     Human and includes:

1.      Individual support

2.      Institutional support

C.     Administration and challenge and includes:

1-      Male or female child

2-      Family.


15.   “ We are your Support” Program

Caring from the association and as activation of members’ role, “We are your Support” Programis launched where a group of male and female members from the association seeks to visit hypnotic children in the hospitals or visit them in their home to know their needs.



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